The Middle Kingdom

Spiti has been the Middle Kingdom ever since the Indian landmass separated from Gondwana Land and collided with the Eurasian continent. Culturally too, the region has been a bridging zone between India and Tibet, with traders ferrying pashmina and spices along the circuitous and windswept trails for centuries. The landscape here is unique, almost abrupt. Gentle meadows suddenly…

Burmese Days

Burma. Finally! As SQ 998 commenced descent over the flood plains surrounding Rangoon, stories heard and novels read clouded my vision. I had waited a long time for this. But I had to traipse carefully over the images I had visualised, lest I find the place has changed since the days of Orwell and Kipling,…

In The Shadows Of Annapurna

The lower foothills of the Annapurnas offer lovely trek trails with decently sized villages all along the trails. As mine was a short trek on a well trodden trail, I decided against hiring a guide. As is often the case with me, the spring in my steps at the start of a trek day, is…

Those Lamps

When, in moments of reminiscence, you talk to yourself about old times, years that have rolled by, out comes an image you had seen, a song you had heard, or a piece you had read. You lovingly dust off the time that has gathered on it, and viola ! It seems only yesterday! You realise,…


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I’m Satyaki.

My friends (generously, if I may add) call me a photographer. I would rather they call me a traveler who photographs. Photography has always been a subset of my travels, and not the other way round. Chasing Light, Capturing Smiles!

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