Those Lamps

When, in moments of reminiscence, you talk to yourself about old times, years that have rolled by, out comes an image you had seen, a song you had heard, or a piece you had read. You lovingly dust off the time that has gathered on it, and viola ! It seems only yesterday! You realise, this picture, or song, or book, was always there, some where in the archives of your mind. These titbits may not have played any part in the “progress” of your being, but they have become helpful tags during your walks down the memory lane.

Sharing one such image taken while I was at home, some years back. It was an idle afternoon, and I was sitting on the steps of our “pukur ghat” when I saw these two earthen lamps some one had immersed in the water, after prayers. They lay under the surface, forgotten, gathering slush, while branches of the mango tree overhead cast their melancholy shadows on the still water. This image is like an anchor in the flow of time for me . No matter where I go, I realise gazing at this photo would bring me back to that afternoon, the time and the place and the people, and for a few fleeting moments, I would once again bask in the now-cherished feeling of being at home.

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