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About Me



This is not easy ! I think the last time I tried this was in my school days, when we were forced to write on ourselves, that too in exams. Here of course, it is MY site and I have time on my side to spin a yarn.

First things first. Why this blog ?? Simply put, it is for me… and for so many others like me who reach the cliff edge, and take forever to decide whether to take the plunge. We are those who get inspired by stories of brave men and women who left cushy desk jobs one fine day and hit the road. We daydream of such a day, whiling away our days holding the cushy job. So this space is for me, and the likes of me .. that one fine day may just be round the corner. I also realise, though we have the means to share like never before, we do not have enough filters to pick and choose the shared content. Scribbling graffiti on other’s walls did not seem a good idea. Hence the blog.

So by now you must have figured me out. Yes, I like to travel. I also love eating out, reading travelogues, taking photos, whipping up a quick dish, catching up with school friends, and taking afternoon naps (not in that order)

I look forward to making new friends over here. So I would really love to hear from you through bouquets and brickbats, shares and suggestions. Even though I would keep posting, it would be nice to know some one’s actually reading my stuff !

happy rolling !


6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Bernard

    Hi Satyaki! Wonder if we could use a picture from you for a magazine we are working on? PM me via email. Thanks! 🙂

    • Satyaki

      I’m glad you liked the photos, uncle !!
      We plan to visit UK in May next year. My brother-in-law is working in London.

  2. Shweta

    Hi Satyaki,

    Incredible! this how I would describe my experience going through your collection.
    Thanks for sharing!


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